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Impressing Girls By Using Football

Amazing football

Impressing Girls by using Football by Mratif222 Watch this video, How a boy impressing girls by using football. Moreover He has shown a amazing tactics how he balanced football on his body. How he rotated the football. All about football lovers. Those who loves football and used to play with football must watch this video. This video is for you ... Read More »

Height of Freedom from wife

Height of Freedom

Ha Ha Ha !!! Height of Freedom from wife by mratif222 Height of Freedom from wife, Watch this video what this person showing his wife that prison is better than marriage you. After passing twenty years of their marriage he remembered some words which he is telling to his wife. It is a nice video and how the person acting ... Read More »

Ha Ha Ha!!!! How Husband Protects his Wife

husband protection

Ha Ha Ha !!! Husband Protects Wife by Mratif222 How Husband Protects his wife, Watch this video and enjoy. What a funny way to protect his wife and show love to your wife’s. Try to adopt this hahahaha. In this video there is a lesson if someone touches your wife what you have to do. How you have to behave ... Read More »

Teachers Behavior with Students in University

Teachers Behavior

Teachers Behavior with boys in University by Mratif222 How teachers behave with students in university. Mostly during practical they behave same as describe in this video. Generally majority of the teachers show attitude and makes student puzzle during practical. Infact, the student generally discouraged by such behavior of our teachers. Read More »

Funniest Firing Video

funniest firing

funniest firing Forever by Mratif222 It is the funniest firing video i ever seen. How this boy fires all those moments are hilarious. I enjoyed this a lot. Please watch this video. You will also enjoy. It is not just about firing just look what the boy do in this video. Read More »

Zara Hut Kay | Rastey Se Hat Jaa

Zara hat key

Zara Hut Kay Rastey Se Hat Jaa New Episodes 2015 by Mratif222 Zara Hut Kay Is A Funny TV Programme Which Aims At Comedy And Making People Fool. Zara Hut Kay Is One Of The Best Pakistani Funny Clips TV Programme Zara Hat Kay Started In 2007 And Is The Funny Pakistani Show. 2014 will be 8th season of Zara ... Read More »

India Vs Pakistan Funny video Tezabi Totay

Tezabi totay

IND Vs PAK Funny Cricket Tezabi Totay by mratif222 A very funny dubbed punjabi video of Indian players “SEHWAG” and “Tendulkar” playing cricket against Pakistan. In which Tendulkar teaching Sehwag how to play. Sehwag and Tendulkar punjabi dubbed are making huge laugh by using such a fantastic punjabi. Which is really suiting on each position. Watch this video. I am ... Read More »

Tezabi Totay Shahid Afridi Funny

Tezabi Totay

(1) Tezabi Totay – Shahid Afridi After winnnig match… v v funny….watch n share by mratif222 A very funny dubbed punjabi video of Shahid Afridi on match presentation. In which Shahid afridi and anchor Ramiz Raja are making huge laugh by using such a fantastic punjabi. Which is really suiting on each position. Watch this video. I am hundred percent ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes