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How to getting into fight boys vs girls Zaid Ali

fight boys vs girls

How to getting into fight boys vs girls by jstsmile This is very funny video produced by the famous person zaid ali. He made a series of videos on different occasions. He used to differentiate between White people and Brown people. Zaid Ali used to made video on What brown people do and what white people do. He is the ... Read More »

Watch the video how the cow kicked the girl

Cow kicked the girl

Watch how the cow kicked the girl by jstsmile Watch the video, In this video a white cow is lying on the floor. A girl came towards the cow to touch it with love suddenly the cow kicked the girl. Cow kicked on her face and the girl gone too far away from the cow. She was lying on the ... Read More »

What happened when he is looking at girl

Looking at girl

What happened when he is looking at girl by jstsmile This the perfect video. I am hundred percent sure you will like and start laughing. This video is hilarious. What he do when the girl look at him and what his expressions were. Fantastic video. Must watch this video. In this video man was doing exercise meanwhile a girl pass ... Read More »

What Happened to the New Heavy Bike Watch Now

New Heavy Bike

What happened to the new Heavy Bike by jstsmile This is also very strange video. In this video the person got new heavy bike and he is showing this bike to someone. When he was going to sit onto the bike suddenly something happened……. A car got an accident and suddenly crashed with his new heavy bike. His bike slipped ... Read More »

Watch The Bike Carefully

Must watch the bike

Watch The Bike Carefully by jstsmile This is very hilarious video in which this person shows really funny scene and shows how he drives the greatest bike. You just have to watch the bike carefully and He shows How to drive such a Heavy bike. He also packed himself. First of all he wearied jacket then gloves and lastly helmet. ... Read More »

23 People Blushes with death

Blushes with deaths

23 Blushes(escape) with death by jstsmile This video is very terrifying in which people are narrow escaping from death. They were very closed to death but escaped. In this video twenty three people are saved from accident and the accidents were the most dangerous one. I do not know how God saved them. They doing doing usual work and do ... Read More »

Amazing Gymnastic Video Must Watch


Fantastic Gymnastic Jumping video by jstsmile This is the coolest video in which people showing different tricks and they are just like relaxing on sky like lying in air. They are just like a bird flying in the air. The are feeling comfort and showing different jumping tricks on jumping mattress Must Watch this video. Surely you will like such ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes